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Look How Much Money We Raised!

£4,400 - I can hardly believe it!  But what does it means for the Archer Academy and its dreams of a new school library... ?


Unicorn Girl shortlisted for book award

I've just got some great news. Unicorn Girl is a finalist in the Wishing Shelf Awards 2018 - and the competition is particularly special, because it's judged by young readers in schools rather than adults. I'll hear if it's won in the 9-12 year-old category in April, but right now I'm just delighted that so many of you obviously love Unicorn Girl! And don't forget to leave a review on Amazon or Goodreads if you've read it and loved it, too.

The wishing shelf awards 2018

MinervaReads loves Unicorn Girl!

One of our favourite blogs loves Unicorn Girl - infact it's their Book of the Week. Thank you MinervaReads! If you want to see the review or get some more great book suggestions, check it out.

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Unicorn Girl has a famous fan!

Although tbh, I don't think we'll be seeing Phil Mitchell (aka actor Steve McFadden) reading Unicorn Girl in the Queen Vic anytime soon. Perhaps it's a Christmas present for his nine-year-old daughter Amelie who loves reading? But if it is, I've just blown the surprise. Oops... Steve was the very special guest at my launch party for Unicorn Girl last week. We held it at the Archer Academy school in North London, because profits from the first 5000 copies of Unicorn Girl go towards building them a new library.

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Shhhh...I'm very busy

Want to read Unicorn Girl? 

Find yourself a quiet corner, grab yourself a drink and curl up with the first chapter. 

If you want to know what happens next, the book is available now from bookshops or on Amazon and Kindle.

I hope you enjoy it. Please write me a review on Amazon or Goodreads if you did! I love hearing what you think.


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Unicorn Girl's a Special Book

All my books are special to me, but this one's unique. I'd just finished writing it when I got a call from the head teacher of my son's school. No, Callum wasn't in trouble. She just wanted my help to raise an awful lot of money...

How unicorn girl is helping a good cause

Great News About Butterfly Summer!


As if having my latest book published wasn’t enough, I’ve just had some more fantastic news. My best-selling book Butterfly Summer has been chosen as a ‘Classic Title’ for 2019 by its publisher Usborne. It’s a huge honour and I’m really pleased, because I loved writing it so much (and it’s always nice when someone else tells you that they also enjoyed what you did.)

If you haven’t read it yet, it's about...

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