The Day I Wrote A Very Big Cheque


It was a proud day for me today because I was guest of honour at the Archer Academy’s end of term assembly.

I was able to give headmistress Lucy the money I’ve raised so far from selling Unicorn Girl - £4,400 in total. 

I’m delighted to say that the donation means the school can start building its new library in July while students are on holiday. It’s such an amazing sum and it’s all thanks to YOU. Everyone who’s bought a copy will help build a tiny bit of wall or the end of a shelf or part of a window frame (at least that’s how I like to think of it.)

And I learned something new today…those giant cheques you see in photos are actually a real thing! The one I’m signing here is legal tender. Someone will have to physically take it to the bank to pay it into the school’s bank account…wonder who gets that job?

Anyway, the whole morning put a huge smile on my face and I celebrated afterwards by having breakfast with a friend in my favourite café.

Archer still needs to raise more money, so if you haven’t read Unicorn Girl yet but would like to, you can buy it on Amazon or Kindle.