The Archer Academy

The Archer Academy is just down the road from my home in North London. It's a fabulous school - but it doesn't have a library. 

Thankfully, Lucy the headteacher is a woman who thinks big. Outside the school entrance is a courtyard lined with green student lockers.  This is where Lucy wants to build her library. But first, she needs to raise a quarter of a million pounds.

When she asked parents to help, I immediately thought of Unicorn Girl, the book I had just finished writing. I decided to donate profits from the first 5000 copies I sell to the school. Apart from anything else, a library plays an important part in the story - but I can't tell you anymore. It would spoil the plot!

I'm incredibly proud of Lucy and the school and my own small part in making the dream come true. I think school libraries are incredibly important. They are places where you can discover new books and fictional worlds. Place to browse and learn. Sometimes they inspire you. Always, they should make you feel safe. 

This is a photo of me, where the new library will be.